Thursday, August 28, 2008

Were morning radio jockeys the first bloggers?

I was shaving the other morning, listening to my local radio program as I do every day. As I listened to the Morning Hottub as the program is called, it occurred to me that what the guys and gals on air were doing was actually very similar to my own blogging.

Of course, the medium is different, but the similarities in what they do and what we as bloggers do are striking.

First off, we are both consuming information on a variety subjects, from a variety of sources, digesting it so to speak, and spitting it back out in a form that resonates with our audience.

Second, we get the information out to our audience first. In this case, I heard from them about Paul (sorry, Sir Paul) McCartney’s upcoming concert in Israel and about Matthew McConaughey’s dad dying while having sex long before I read it in my morning paper.

Third, we editorialise the content. Radio jockeys always have an opinion, a position on the subjects they discuss. If it’s a controversial position, all the better. In the same way, an interesting blog is one that is original and addresses a subject with a new, insightful perspective. And great bloggers aren’t afraid of a little controversy; quite the opposite, as long as it helps get our message across!

Finally, and this is perhaps the most important thing bloggers and radio jockeys have in common, we are both actively trying to engage our audience. Radio jockeys do it with phone-ins, contests, etc. Bloggers do it by asking questions and engaging readers through comments. That bond with your audience is what makes both a great radio personality AND a great blogger. Remember that the next time you listen to your morning radio show!

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Bossman 74 said...

I guess blogs are descendants of morning radio show. But since radio is live (excluding pod cast) it does not have the lasting impact on as many folks as a blog can have...

Congratulations Mr. Lemay, I've just include your blog in my RSS feed subscriptions.