Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Twitter Poetry: one account - many voices

Ok I admit it. I read and occasionally even write poetry.

Browsing the Web the other day, I happened upon a Haiku, a short form of poem from Japan. I immediately thought of Twitter and how it would be perfect for this type of short, very image laced poetry.

I went on Google to see if anyone had had the same idea. Of course they had! I found a few blogs where people had posted poetry they had created, and twittered.

So, the question became, how could all of the Twitter poetry lovers effectively share their creations? We could create a hash tag. Something like #poet3. But some people really, and I mean really hate hash tags. Then I remembered this post from Geek Thoughts Twitter Groups Done Right! (aka: I hate Hash Tags).

Taking their advice to heart, I created a Twitter account (Poet3) for the sole purpose of allowing all of the Twitter poets to share their poem posts. Everyone can now post to it by starting a tweet with an @Poet3 which will leave the post in your normal posting stream as well for your followers, or send a direct message which will only be accessible to those that want to follow the topic.

I mentioned the Haiku above but feel free to freeform your poetry if that's what you're into. I blogged a while back (See Twitter Stories no. 1) about the need for the community to come up with new uses for the medium and this is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about. So hop on over to and start posting. Don’t forget to follow the Poet3 account if you want to see others posts.

Look forward to reading you on Twitter.

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Paul Nicholson said...

Glad someone else is using our idea. Why not have it setup for attribution though? (ex: "pwnicholson: I love poetry"